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     My lifetimes experience and love of gardening and natural history has for a long time been expressed in my writing.

     I learnt the discipline of working to timetables and meeting deadlines by writing all the lecture hand-out notes for the students of the Dartington Horticultural Training Centre for 16 years, and the educational notes for the 553 half-hour Television 'Gardens For All' programmes - the programme notes amounted to more than 1.5 million words over eleven years.

     A passion for Calluna, Daboecia and Erica resulted in the publication of the monograph 'Heaths and Heathers' (David & Charles/Drake-USA). I was co-editor of 'Retirement', and the Devon NCCPG's 'The Magic Tree - Devon Plants'. I also produced Mary Bartlett's 'Unicorn Island'.

     I have contributed to many magazines - 'Amateur Gardening', 'BBC's Gardener's World', 'Devon, Cornwall, Dorset & Somerset Country Gardener', ' Devon Life', 'Cornwall Life', 'Devon Today', 'Good Housekeeping', 'Homes & Garden', 'Ideal Home', 'My Garden', 'Neighbourhead Watch', 'Practical Fishkeeping', 'The Lady', 'Watergardening', 'West Country Living', 'Your Garden', and numerous 'in-house' magazines. A long time ago I was one of Percy Thrower's 'Ghost writers'. 

I am the Gardening Editor for Devon Life/Archant Group (Nov 2001 - 

     I have been a regular contributor to regional newspapers, and was the Gardening correspondent for the major South West provincial newspaper, the 'Western Morning News' from 1992-2004.

     I am able to illustrate many of my articles with my own pictures. Articles are sent as hard copies with pictures, or on CD's or disks, and even on the internet.

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