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    An experienced television and radio presenter - producer, also involved in advising, researching and provision of facilities. 

     For a period of eleven years (1981-91) I was contracted as a freelance to research, produce and present a weekly half-hour gardening programme for Television South West. During this period, 553 separate programmes were recorded, many in my own garden and studio, which were often transmitted twice in a week.

     These programmes were also transmitted on Anglia TV, and some programmes have also been shown in New Zealand, North America, Canada, Holland, Germany, Scotland, Ulster and Korea. I was also responsible for the educational fact sheets and replies to viewer's queries. The programme ended when TSW lost their franchise to broadcast in 1992.

     From 1993-95 I was the 'Residential ' gardener for Wire TV (United Artists) the United Kingdom television cable network contractor. The weekly 'Roadshow' from major cities in the United Kingdom, ended when he franchise was sold to Live TV - Mirror Group.

     I have researched, produced and presented and edited 10-15 minute weekly gardening and wild life radio programmes for the British Broadcasting Corporation, also contracted to present and produce 1-2 gardening programmes a week for BBC - South and Gemini/Westward Radio.

     I scripted and presented a 75 minute video on gardening for the Ideal Home magazine, and work with 196 Productions Ltd., Cardiff, on numerous Wildlife and Gardening videos.

     I have my own DAT recorder and AKAI editing suite.


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